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Canadian Domestic Exports of Malt (quantity in metric tonnes)

Source: Statistics Canada, CATSNET Analytics

Canadian Domestic Exports of Malt (value in Canadian dollars)

Source: Statistics Canada, CATSNET Analytics
  • 5 year canadian malt export trend
  • (percent change of value in Canadian dollars tonnes between 2012 and 2016)
  • USA: +33%
  • Japan: +13%
  • Mexico: +822%
  • South Korea: -5%
  • Guatemala: +266%
  • China: +6,041%

Canadian malt: A world-class fixture

Canadian malt is consistently in demand because of our commitment to excellence throughout the value chain. Less than 25% of all barley grown is accepted for malting, and it must to continue to demonstrate desirable characteristics throughout the malting process in order to be eligible for sale.

Canadian barley and malt are well-known for their superior performance, in large part due to varietal purity. This varietal purity ensures that malts have a consistent kernel size, which brewers rely on when designing their brewing process.

By providing a consistent, high-end product, brewers can optimize their yield, process, and performance to ensure their beer is of the highest quality. This is particularly important with the amount of craft brewers in the market, all of whom rely on a quality and consistent malt on which to base their varying flavours and ingredients.

Canada's export market also benefits from cold winters which discourage the use of pesticides. Malting companies will refuse to accept barley that is treated with pre-harvest chemicals or drying agents. These are often not necessary in Canada due to the cold winter air which creates the perfect conditions for storage without fear of insect infestation.

Lastly, Canada can attribute success as a malting barley market to our large growing region. More arable land means less susceptibility to crop failure and more opportunity to supply a consistent product to our eagerly awaiting customers.

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