Overview of Barley products

Feed barley
Feed or ‘general purpose’ barley is used as feed for livestock (particularly cattle, dairy cow, and hogs) due to its high starch and protein content.

In 2016, feed barley made up approximately 37 per cent of all seeded barley acres in Western Canada – with Alberta leading the way at 55 per cent.

The majority of feed barley is used domestically by producers raising livestock for meat and dairy production. However, historically there has been demand for Canadian feed barley in Japan and Saudi Arabia along with a recent emergence in the Chinese market.

Malting barley
Malting barley is defined as barley used in the process of making malt – a value-added product used to make beer and spirits or to provide flavour in food.

The most popular varieties of malting barley are CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe, which account for approximately 79 per cent of all total malting barley acres seeded.

Food barley
Stay tuned! Information on food barley is coming soon!

Canadian Domestic Exports of Barley (quantity in metric tonnes)

Source: Statistics Canada, CATSNET Analytics

Canadian Domestic Exports of Barley (value in Canadian dollars)

Source: Statistics Canada, CATSNET Analytics
  • 5 year canadian barley export trend
  • (percent change of value in Canadian dollars tonnes between 2012 and 2016)
  • China: +138%
  • USA: -38%
  • Japan: -82%
  • Saudi Arabia: -47%
  • Mexico: -98%
  • Ecuador: N/A